Welcome to Badlands Equine - US distributor of two innovative and versatile saddles!

Ghost saddles - revolutionary treeless saddle with adjustbility for horse and rider, good weight distribution,
a real twist even on wide horses, comfort and beauty for a reasonable price.
BUA saddles - unique in their ability to move independently to both horse and rider, freeing shoulders for an
unimpeded stride in all gaits. 

Introducing BUA saddles made in Ireland! Designed
for independent horse and human comfort/fit for
dressage and eventers. Visit our BUA pages for
more information

Our first Tevis completion!
Jala Neufeld on a Ghost Roma.
Check out the new Ghost models



Here's a mare we bred - Csavannah - on a trail ride above the
Deschutes River near Tumalo Oregon. She's wearing a Ghost
Roma - and ready to get moving again. She has become a
cantering monster in the Ghost, much more willing to canter
than in her previous saddle!

If you have any questions or comments, please email Marlene at GhostTreelessUSA@gmail.com or InnovativeSaddles@gmail.com or call 541-588-0155. Feel free to join the discussion on Facebook!




Last Updated: 1/9/2018