EVO Hoof Boots

NOTE: I don't have time to continue managing boots along with saddles, so I will not be reordering EVO in the near future. Any boots I have in stock are available at a reduced price until gone.

Please visit the main Evo Boot site for tons of more information including videos and fitting possibilities

EVOBOOT 1.0 is the result of professional product development combined with Endurance riding experience that allows riders to apply a hoofboot easily on different hoof shapes. It can also be heated and assembled by yourself easily!

  • very low weight
  • fits like a second skin
  • promoting the hoof mechanism in 4 dimensions
  • great grip on different terrain
  • very flexible shield and sole = natural feeling

Sizing & measurements - You should measure within a week of a hoof trim

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EVO Fit Kit

If you aren't sure which size of boots to order, I can send fitting shells in the 3 nearest sizes. Cost is shipping plus a $50 security deposit. You will be responsible for return shipping to 61100 Obernolte Rd, Bend OR 97701
I currently am missing my 2W and 3 fitting shell. I can either send the whole boot to size or you might want to search for "Hoof Junkie" as she likely has more stock than me. My boot stock is low and I will be unable to re-order due to time constraints. So if you have a pretty good idea the size you need and I still have them in stock, prices have been substantially reduced while available.

EVO Boots

Evo boots are ordered singly so you can get the best size for each hoof. Please contact me before ordering as my stock is currently very low.
I don't have time to continue stocking boots while focusing on saddles, so am selling my remaining inventory at rock bottom prices. The drop down is accurate as to the sizes remaining, but there is only 1 of size 2W and 3WW, the others have 2 or more.

Bulb Shield

Bulb Shield size 1- for Evo boot sizes 00 / 0 / 0W Bulb Shield size 2- for Evo boot sizes 1 / 1W / 2 Bulb Shield size 3- for Evo boot sizes 2W / 3 / 3W / 4 NOTE: price includes shipping