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NEW!! I now have an electronic pressure sensor pad. This is a fabulous tool to add for some saddle fitting sessions. It gives wonderful detail while the horse moves and shows both horse and rider asymmetries. The system is wireless with a transmitter attached to the saddle with a water bottle holder and then has a range around the receiving notebook laptop. But we can also put the notebook in a small backpack and send you off to hit some trail and uneven terrain.

Here are a couple example snapshots.

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I am available for private or group saddle fitting sessions in Central Oregon. Each session involves checking the fit to your horse with as many saddles as you can get your hands on. I teach you how to determine the fit is in the right range, an understanding of your horses conformation strengths and weaknesses (and what you can do to help.) These sessions often take well over an hour, I don't work to a clock and I will talk as much as necessary to help you and your horse.

Private session: $50/horse (plus $1.50/mile one way travel)
     Add Port Lewis Impression Pad - $20/use
     Add Tactilus Pressure Pad - $50/horse

Group session: $40/horse (minimum 4 horses, maximum 8 or 10 depending if Stace is available to help), PLIP ($20) and Tactilus ($40) additional. Mileage added on a case by case basis.

Email Marlene or call 541-588-0155 to discuss scheduling.