Welcome to our store!

Thank you for visiting Badlands Equine! We are a small, home-based business in Bend Oregon, next to the Badlands Wilderness. My passion is endurance riding and I love helping people and horses enjoy their time together with saddles comfortable for both. My preference is always saddles that are adjustable or customizable for horse and rider and Ghost Treeless saddles have provided that. 

Please check things out and feel free to email me at GhostTreelessUSA@gmail.com. I respond to email whenever I'm able. If you want to have a phone conversation, please email first since I will also ask for pics of you and your horse and I will save our email conversations to make sure I send all the necessary items for you demo, but we can always schedule a phone conversation as needed, during my business hours which are roughly 9-5 Pacific time.

Happy Trails!