Saddle Fit Consultation

I am generally happy to help anyone with questions regarding fitting their horse (or even themselves!) with their Ghost saddle, even if it were purchased used. If I can answer your questions in a couple emails, all good! But if we end up going back and forth through multiple emails, pics, videos, or phone calls, I will charge for a fit consultation. Cost on an individual basis, but minimum $25.

The easiest way to pay for this service is via theĀ Self Pay Invoice link after we've discussed pricing, or click on the product below to request a consultation.

Please email Marlene to get started.

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Ghost saddle consultation

For those who did not purchase their Ghost saddle through Badlands Equine, I'm happy to answer a few questions to help you make sure you're setting your saddle up correctly and have appropriate accessories for you and your horse for free. But if this exceeds a couple emails and pic evaluations, please understand that it's fair to pay for this service. I'm keeping the cost as small as possible to help everyone out!