2021 Ride & Vacation Schedule

If you would like me to bring saddles or accessories to a ride, please email me in advance as I don't usually grab random stock to bring to a ride. This is my possible schedule, but several are up in the air.

Date        Ride Name
17-Apr     Grizzly Mountain
30-Apr     Still-Prineville
15-May    OR100
3-Jun       City of Rocks
12-Jun     National Championship
18-Jun     Pacific Crest
26-Jun     Summertime Blues
25-Jun     Creek to Peak Elevator
9-Jul        Bandit Springs
24-Jul      Tevis
30-Jul      Top of the World
14-Aug    Santiam Cascade
28-Aug    Mary-Anna Memoria
l4-Sep     Old Selam Pioneer
25-Sep    Lava Cast
2-Oct      Ft Lewis
8-Oct      Autumn Sun Pioneer
31-Oct    Owyhee Hallowed Weenies