Color Zones and Materials

Ghost saddles are available in standard leather, Julia leather, nubuck, oiled (greased) nubuck, synthetic Lorica, synthetic Micropell, and sheepskin. The browns range in color across materials so please ask if you're worried about color combinations. 

Natural materials: Click to jump to the leather options
 colors are black, brown, sometimes tan, burgundy, and red. Leather will be slicker than nubuck or oiled nubuck. If you love that slicker feeling and prefer synthetic, consider Micropell
Julia leather is a bit softer with richer colors than standard leather, it will also be less grippy than oiled nubuck, extra cost
Nappa leather also soft and flexible, high quality leather, extra cost
 isn't listed on the saddle selection page, but you can order it in black and brown. I don't list it because it eventually smooths and shines anywhere there's contact, so becomes like oiled nubuck but not evenly over the product. 
Oiled nubuck is leather that's been roughed to make nubuck, then oiled to make a softer, almost broken-in feel which is also grippier than standard leather. It's the most popular material and what I order almost all stock saddles in
Suede is a thinner leather, with the surface raise to make an obvious nap. It's great to get a wider color palette. It will flatten and take a shine over time, but caring with a suede care kit will prolong it's new-looking life.

SyntheticsClick to jump down to these materials
Lorica is a soft but tough synthetic available in fun colors, great for a cushy seat or grippy thigh blocks. Also perfect for those who ride in wet weather or looking for a vegan option
Micropell has a heft similar to real leather, very hardy and a bit slicker like natural leather. Also a good option, especially on the flaps, for those who ride in wet weather or want a vegan option
Micronappa is thinner than micropell but thicker than Lorica, so a bit softer, grippier and it shows grain. A beautiful option for flaps or seat, and of course vegans

Pad and seat saver materials: Click to jump to this section
Real sheepskin
 is only available now in a medicinal, natural color or the exclusive skins with wild colors. You can choose sheepskin for just the seat or the whole saddle but for long flap models you might consider a "wear" strip to avoid unexpected wear in high motion areas and also because not all sheepskins are big enough for the full flap. 

Color Zones: Click here to see the areas of your saddle that you can choose a color/material

Here's a nifty page set up by our UK/French dealer if you're overwhelmed by all the brown options and want to know what they look like together.


Leather/Natural products - note that browns, especially Cognac, will vary in shade from batch to batch. If you think you might order matching accessories later, I advise not waiting and order all at once.

Leather in black brown, burgundy

Oiled nubuck - standard colors
Black / T. Moro / Marrone / Red-brown / Cognac


New Oiled nubuck colors!
These are leathers which will become even more lovely with oiling or conditioning just like the standard black/brown oiled nubuck
The top right corner of each shows the oiled color. Note, image doesn't quite show true colors, Santa Claus is really a true red.

                         Argil                   Chocolate                                         Coffee                    Castle
                         Myrtle                 Santa Claus                                               Gerbera                     Nocturne (very dark blue)

NOTE: Nubuck is a type of leather which is not "sealed" - it has open pores like suede, but less rough. After use nubuck will become "oiled" because you clean it with leather soap and perhaps even protect it with cream or balm. With Oiled Leather (is the same as oiled nubuck) this oiling is already done by the saddle maker. Saddles can be made non-oiled, but please note this on your order since it is the less popular choice since oiled leather is less vulnerable to stains and water. In the images above, the top right corner of a nubuck sample has been oiled so you can see the contrast.

Julia Leather - high quality vegetable tanned leather, Available for an extra cost 

            Julia 1700 - Natural           Julia 1701 - Med brown               Julia 1718 - T. Moro                  Julia 1722 - Red             Julia 1727 - Dark blue

               Julia 1799 - Black              Julia 604 - Cognac             Julia 606 - Burgundy                                         Julia 706 - Grey


 Nappa - Another beautiful and supple leather, Available at an extra cost

            Nappa Denim Blue         Nappa Canary Yellow         Nappa Dark Brown        Nappa Passion/Fuchsia             Nappa Green
      Nappa Mauve/Purple           Nappa Medium Brown                Nappa Red           Nappa Gray/Schist            Nappa Turqoise

Suede options can change so please check before ordering.

Arancia/Orange Basilico Birch Boulevard Cardinal Chocolate
 Coffee Cognac  Fuxia/Pink   Gothic Jasper  Limoges 
Lollipop Milka Muscat Mysterious Passion Petrol
Pine Pino Plume Soleil Sunstar Tobacco
Turquoise Verde/Green Viola Woody    


 Synthetics - all are long wearing, great materials for those in difficult climates or leaning toward vegan or easy to clean options.

Lorica - soft and durable, extra cushy for seats

Micropell - very hardy, perfect for hard-use areas like flaps. 
Available in black (not shown), red, H55 Turqoise, H86 Blue,
A82 Silver, Q14 Purple (note, the purple shade has varied from the mfr)

And now Green and Turquoise:



Micronappa - softer than Micropell, a little more grippy
with a nice "grain". White no longer available

Western saddle with the reddish-brown micronappa

White (for brave souls, but it does clean up well!)
Brick - red brown
T. Moro - dark brown

New Micronappa colors!
Dark Green
Royal Blue

And now Navy!



Sheepskin colors:

Nubuck (black & brown)

How about Dragon skin?!

Engraved leather!


Availability varies, typically
black, sometimes brown

 All of the New oiled nubuck colors
above with the corner a different 
shade can be ordered either oiled
or not.


Price depends upon how many zones
are done. Also possible to submit 
your own pattern! Ask for pics of 
possible applications.


Pad Materials:

Airshell colors for the top of pads -  (see Accessories/Pads for examples) White, black, tan, brown, blue, red, fuchsia, burgundy, lilac (others occasionally available).
It's also possible to use Lorica and suede (extra cost) on the top of your pad.

Pad Bottom - options are Sympanova (easy to clean, grippy, breathable), black, white, or brown wool blend (the black and brown can be a bit slick when
new), Vella (a really nice synthetic wool, only available in white, but as nice as sheepskin and doesn't clump), Medicinal sheepskin.

Sympanova White wool blend Brown wool blend Black wool blend Vella Medicinal sheepskin


Color Zones
Use these zone charts to indicate color choices for your Ghost saddle if you go for the 2-tone options or a customized special request (extra charges may apply for special materials.)

For Quevis, Quilty, Roma,
Veneto, Florac, Western and most
other models. (ask if you're not sure
which to use)








Puro / Puro Plus