by Discipline

Obviously I'm an endurance rider, so that's the area I'm most experienced. I think any of the Ghost models would be comfortable on the trail. The Barroco might be a little fancy looking, but hey, on the trail, do what feels right! If you want to look a little more western, I'd suggest the Western saddle or a brown or two-tone saddle in either the Quilty or Quevis models with fenders. You can ride these saddles without the fenders and endurance riders might consider this to save on weight. If you already have a treeless pad, it's likely it can work with Ghost. I've tested several for shape and support suitability, so if you're wondering, just ask. The Ghost pad is a great pad, especially for the price. But endurance riders might also consider Skito, Grandeur, Toklat Matrix or others.

The Roma and Lipica are the best options for dressage riders with a long, straight leg. And of course the classical black looks great. If you have a longer thigh and need a bit more angle in your leg, the Veneto can work as well as the Lipica. The Torino seems to almost work universally - the back side of the block is softer so can work both for people who prefer straight and those who prefer angled. Plus, the flap is a little wider so for those whose leg nearly drapes off the back side of the Roma, the Torino may be the perfect solution. If you are competing, you can't have an open gullet for dressage, so choosing the hidden pommel will solve this.

The Veneto and Classic Italy will allow a shorter stirrup for Hunter Jumper classes. For casual riding, any of the long flap models will work and then you can have lots of fun with colors and materials! And the Torino goes great here too.

In order of flap forwardness from less to more - the Veneto, new Torino, and Italy are the saddle most often used for those who jump. The new Torino is single flap with gorgeous general purpose lines.

The Ghost USA/Western saddle is a lovely saddle which can be ordered with or without horn or thigh blocks. The Ghost USA still has an english feel to the seat with a comfy twist, something you're not going to find on many other western saddles. There are a number of options with this saddle to make it your own.

Casual Trail/Rider Improvement
For those who love the feel of bareback but need just a little more stability, we have several bareback pad models, ranging from simple materials to exclusive sheepskin and standard seat lines to the very deep Buttera and Buttera Maxxi for supreme security. Ghost stirrup rings are positioned to provide balanced riding and won't put you in a chair seat or have your instructor yelling at you to get your legs back!

In Europe, riders aren't as pressed to have a fancy western saddle for gymkhanas so even the Quilty/Quevis models have been used for running barrels. They are remarkably stable on many horses but I'd still recommend a breast collar which they aren't as used to in Europe!