Cantle bag

For people who don't need to carry a lot of extra gear and don't like their cantle bags draping over their horse's back to either cause rubs or get all sweaty, this is the perfect cantle bag! It can be made from most of the Ghost materials with an accent color on the velcro closure. It has velcro straps that go under the seat to hold the bag up and more to make sure it's secure to the bottom of the base. I've had mine in the pics below made from micronappa which is an awesome leather synthetic, perfect for potentially wet products.
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Ghost Fur Saddle

Same base as other Ghost saddles, but seat is made from an exclusive, long fiber sheepskin. You are able to choose skin coloring from currently available stock, which does vary through the year. Indicate in the comments field if you prefer soft, muted colors or loud, contrasting patterns and I will email you pics to choose from.

Panels or Western Skirt

Panels for Ghost saddles - and can work for other saddles with loop-side velcro underneath. Price is for a pair of panels or the complete western skirt with integrated panels. New option - XL velcro opening panels, great for those really wide horses, but may also provide more stability for slab sided horses. Panels for 16" seat run just over 20", for 17" seat is about 21", for 18" is a bit over 22". Important - the XL panels are 7" wide so you need to make sure your pad structure supports that! See more details below.

Ghost Saddle Pads - long flap

Ghost makes an extremely nice pad, especially for the very reasonable price. Many people buy these for other saddles including BMSS, Freeform, and even treed saddles. Bottom material options include sympanova (a soft rubber, easy to clean, breathable), black or white wool blend, and an amazing medicinal sheepskin. I recommend 1cm inserts with sheepskin unless rider is over 185, and for other bottom materials unless over 165 or horse's spine is well protected.
I keep mostly black with sympanova or sheepskin in stock. Others may have to be ordered from Italy.

Ghost Saddlebags

A pair of saddlebags designed to work with the Ghost saddle. They are connected by material which goes between the saddle base and panels for security and stability. Bags are available in large and small in colors to match your saddle. Zippers are normally on the upper side, but can be requested to be on top. The large bags are 10" wide and angled from 8" to 10" tall. The small bags can be ordered to your sizing but the small ones pictured are roughly 6" x 6".